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Dear members and friends of the association Rettung Schloß Blankenburg,

last year I had to stop my lecture series and wanted to resume it with the opening of the season today. Now there are other factors that make this impossible, yes the Great Castle is known to be closed for visitors until further notice.

Many have asked and therefore I have decided to publish my lectures divided into separate episodes, week by week, via our Association website. Please note that my posts are only available in German.

With best wishes
Your Gerd Biegel

Prof. Dr. h.c. Gerd Biegel is president of the association Rettung Schloss Blankenburg e.V. and founding director of the Institute for Brunswick Regional History and History Education at the Technical University of Brunswick.

Prof. Dr. h. c. Gerd Biegel
Foto: Stadt Wolfsburg
Biegel vor Büchern

LIEBE GESCHICHTSFREUNDINNEN UND GESCHICHTSREUNDE,auch wenn in diesem Jahr sich einige historisch bedeutsame Geschichtsereignisse mit runden Daten jähren und im besonderen Fokus der Geschichtsvermittlung stehen dürften, wie etwa 75 Jahre Grundgesetz…

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