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Schloss bis auf Weiteres geschlossen

Sehr geehrte Besucherinnen und Besucher, aufgrund der derzeitigen besorgniserregenden Corona-Situation in unserem Landkreis haben wir uns dazu entschieden, das Schloss vorerst für den Besucherverkehr zu schließen.

Es werden ebenfalls keine regulären oder Sonderführungen angeboten.

Wir hoffen, Sie bald wieder unter besseren Voraussetzungen auf Schloss Blankenburg begrüßen zu können.

Sie haben die Möglichkeit, an unserer virtuellen Schlossführung teilnehmen, zu der wir Sie herzlich einladen.

January - February

Winter break
The castle is not open for visitors.

March - December

Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 to 16:00

The visit of the interiors and side aisles is only possible within the framework of a guided tour on Saturday (see below).

Temporary restrictions due to e.g. construction work are possible. Please pay attention to the information on these pages or the information on site.

Please be sure to check our Start Page for last-minute restrictions or changes!

Blankenburg Castle seen from the northwest.

Café & Shop

Samstags von 14.00 bis 16.00 Uhr zu unseren Führungszeiten.

Guided tour

Castle tours take place exclusively from March to December on Saturdays between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. or on special occasions. A tour within the interior is generally possible within a guided group only! Unfortunately, you are not allowed to walk through the castle alone.

Please be sure to check our Start Page for last-minute restrictions or changes!

The tours begin at 14:00 and 15:00
Depending on the number of visitors, another tour may start at 14:30. The castle tours last approx. 1 hour.

Even though many areas of the castle are not accessible due to construction reasons, the most representative rooms, such as the Grey Hall, the Theater, the Castle Chapel, the Emperor's Hall as well as the Knight's Hall can be shown.
In addition, there is a lot of interesting information about the history and architecture of the castle from our castle guides.
Due to construction work, some partial areas may be temporarily inaccessible.

The Castle is an architectural monument and in some parts a construction site. The tour through the building is therefore not barrier-free and some stairs have to be mastered.

Special tours

We also offer interested groups guided tours outside of the regular hours mentioned above and are also happy to additionally open our café for your special occasion.
Even if you want to experience a guided tour on Saturday without waiting and other guests, you can order a special tour.
Many things are possible, we will be happy to advise you. You are welcome to send your inquiry to the listed contact details or directly to



The courtyard and some sections are freely accessible.

Guided tour

A tour through the interior is only possible within a guided tour of the castle for which a fee is charged.

Adult (from 16 years) 4,00 Euro
Child (6 to incl. 15 years) 2,50 Euro
Children under 6 years and members of the association Rettung Schloss Blankenburg e.V. have free admission.

Special tours

up to and including 5 persons:
35,- Euro (Children under 6 years have free entry.)

from the 6th person:
Adult (from 16 years) 7,- Euro
Child (6 to incl. 15 years) 3,- Euro
Children under 6 years and members of the association Rettung Schloss Blankenburg e.V. have free entry.

All castle guides work exclusively on a voluntary basis. All proceeds go towards the reconstruction and further restoration of the monument.


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