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The association Rettung Schloss Blankenburg e.V. asks for your support in saving Blankenburg Castle as an architectural monument of national and European importance.

Further safeguarding and refurbishment measures are intended to preserve and gradually restore Blankenburg Castle as a cultural monument. In order to ensure the desired long-term preservation of castle, it is imperative that the renovation be continued in parallel with the safeguarding measures so that uses can be anchored in further sections as quickly as possible. The renovation will require a large personal contribution of approximately 35,000 euros per year.

But also for the maintenance of the already secured and re-used areas, about 20,000 euros are needed annually. Energy costs account for the lion's share here.

We are a non-profit association. Of course, all donors will receive a donation receipt or donation confirmation if they provide us with their address.

Dedicated donations

You are also welcome to donate for a purpose of your choice. Please indicate the purpose of the donation when making the transfer.

Derzeit mögliche Spendenzwecke:
Kleine Orgel für die Kapelle – aufgearbeitet (Wert ca. 4.000 €) – Spendenzweck: Orgel

Donation in kind

Many castle friends would also like to support us with a donation in kind. We would like to express our gratitude for these offers. However, we ask for your understanding that in many cases we cannot accept them. This is due to the following reasons, among others:
Some precious objects we would have to insure against damage and theft and thus spend money, which we would have to invest more urgently in the structural maintenance of the monument. The climatic conditions in the Great Castle also simply do not allow many things yet. It is similar with the transport costs, which would often exceed the value for new acquisitions.
If you would like to support us with a donation in kind, please contact us.

Donation accounts


IBAN: DE71 8105 2000 0300 0943 02

Harzer Volksbank eG

IBAN: DE72 8006 3508 4154 6032 00

Thank you for your donation!

If you wish a donation receipt, please do not forget to indicate your address on the bank transfer! Or please inform us by e-mail. Thank you very much!

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