Current state

Due to the vacancy since 1992 as well as insufficient building maintenance until 2005, there is considerable and partly extreme damage in the castle ensemble.

Due to partly extreme, substance-destroying dry rot infestation of the structures and the associated claddings and coverings, all parts of the building have been massively damaged. All remaining historic surfaces such as floors, walls and ceilings are thus acutely endangered. The roof coverings and drainage are damaged, and in the roof trusses there is in part massive wood damage caused by insects and dry rot. Almost all windows are defective. The facades are weathered and there is extensive plaster damage. Various art objects and fixtures were stolen, tile stoves and building fabric were destroyed. Many areas are characterized by additions of the "modern era", which were built without special consideration of the existing monument character. Installations were sometimes installed without adequate consideration of the existing substance, which must be treated with particular sensitivity. The technical standard of the installations has long been outdated.

Blankenburg Castle seen from the northwest.

First steps

Since 2005, we have been continuously trying to seal the roof surfaces, localize and expose sponge infestation, and support load-bearing building structures with subsidies and our own funds from donations and proceeds. In addition, the area is secured and disturbing vegetation is removed. The indoor climate is now controlled again in large parts of the building, thus slowing down the further spread of dry rot. As a result of our activities, damage caused by vandalism has been reduced to a minimum.

Theater and New Wing

Financial resources from the German government's economic stimulus package II have enabled us to push ahead with the first real renovation work. The aim of the funding was to increase the association's own capacity to perform. This is now possible with the use of the theater and the New Wing. With a capacity of 240 guests, profitable events can be held in the theater of Blankenburg Castle. The quality has been significantly increased and the cultural use does not stand in the way of a later use variant. The theater was (re)opened in May 2011. Since 2012, a branch office of the registry office has been set up in the Gray Hall and enjoys great popularity.

With the regained possibilities for use in the theater and the New Wing, we are able to raise the funds necessary for further restoration and to protect the monument from decay with further safeguarding measures. Even though much has already been achieved, Blankenburg Castle is still far from being saved.

Küchenflügel und Neuer Flügel
Küchenflügel und Neuer Flügel (Kitchen Wing and New Wing)