Blankenburg Castle

In the middle of Germany between the cities of Wernigerode and Quedlinburg Blankenburg is located on the northern edge of the Harz Mountains. The former residence town in the Braunschweiger Land belongs today to the administrative district Harz in the federal state Saxony-Anhalt.
High above the city lies the Great Palace in the south of Blankenburg. The baroque building is enthroned on the "Blankenstein", an approximately 300 meter high limestone mountain.

Blankenburg Castle on the "Blankenstein" in the south of the city.

As a landmark of the city, the castle is already the fourth building on this site, which emerged from medieval castle remains and castle buildings from the Renaissance period. At the beginning of the 18th century, a Baroque palace complex with European representative architecture was built on the "Blankenstein" for the then Guelph princely residence of Blankenburg.

The castle and palace experienced an eventful history, which is closely connected with the Duchy of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel and the most important ruling dynasties in Europe. Peaceful as well as warlike times left their traces as did the changing rulers. Today Blankenburg Castle is the largest Guelph castle still preserved.

The baroque architecture has been largely preserved to this day. Other demands for use led to changes within the rooms in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Years of vacancy finally led to the loss of architectural splendour. The non-profit association "Rettung Schloss Blankenburg e. V." is currently working on the preservation of the threatened buildings.

Die von Roger Reckewell, Wolfgang Reimann und Hilde Thoms verfasste Publikation trägt den Titel „Schloss Blankenburg. Krone einer Region“. Sie befasst sich mit der Geschichte des Schlosses von der mittelalterlichen Burg über das Renaissanceschloss bis hin zu dem im Wesentlichen bis heute erhalten gebliebenen Zustand als Barockschloss. Darüber hinaus wird von den Welfen in Blankenburg ebenso erzählt wie von prominenten Besuchern. Auch die Situation des Schlosses ab 1991, dem Beginn des Leerstands, wird ausführlich geschildert.


The 40-page publication in DIN A5 size is available from us in the castle store for 4.90 EUR.


  1. Baugeschichte
    1. Die Burg
    2. Das Renaissanceschloss
    3. Das Barockschloss
      1. Alter Flügel (Old Wing)
      2. Kirchenflügel
      3. Turmflügel
      4. Neuer Flügel
      5. Post- und Galerie-/ Kasernenflügel
      6. Stadtseite und Gartenfront
  2. Geschichte der Regenten
    1. Welfen in Blankenburg
      1. Gäste und Besucher
    2. Residenz von 1914-1918
    3. Nutzung bis 1991
      1. Herzogliche Familie bis 1945
      2. Nutzer von 1945-1991
  3. Situation nach 1991
    1. Besitzverhältnisse
    2. Bemühungen um die Erhaltung des Denkmals

Errata (Korrekturverzeichnis)

  • Seite 8, Absatz 1, Zeile 9
    statt „gewann Lothars Sohn Heinrich der Löwe“
    richtig „gewann Lothars Enkelsohn Heinrich der Löwe“

  • Seite 8, Absatz 3, Zeile 3
    statt „Blankenburg et oppidium sub castro“
    richtig „Blankenburg et oppidum sub castro“

  • Seite 17, Absatz 7, Zeile 4
    statt „Gattin von Wilhelm IV.
    richtig „Gattin von Wilhelm III.

  • Seite 19, letzte Zeile
    statt „mit dem Tod bezahlen“
    richtig „mit dem Leben bezahlen“

  • Seite 21, Absatz 4, Zeile 1
    statt „geistvoller Barockführer
    richtig „geistvoller Barockfürst

  • Seite 22, 3. Absatz 4, Zeile 3
    Es fehlt Hohegeiß.

  • Seite 25, letzter Absatz, Zeile 1
    statt „Maria Pessina de Branconi (1764-1793)
    richtig „Maria Antonia Pessina de Branconi (1746-1793)“

Location in Germany

Lage in Deutschland

From the top 

View the Castle and Blankenburg from the very top in Google Earth from the air or from space. You can download the free program here .
We have compiled a small collection of numerous Blankenburg sights for you below.

Google Earth Feed - Image © Google Inc.
Blankenburg Places in Google Earth

Your way to the castle

by car 

You can reach Blankenburg via the Autobahn A36 and the federal roads B27 and B81. On the A36, take the exit Blankenburg-Mitte or Blankenburg-Ost.
By car, you can reach the castle via the access road from Schleinitzstraße - Schieferberg and Friederike-Caroline-Neuber-Straße.
The approach via Vogelherd is also possible. Free parking is available in limited numbers directly at the castle.
Please also use the parking spaces at the Schnappelberg or in front of the Schlosshotel. From here you walk about 10 minutes comfortably through the castle gardens to the Great Castle. To get there, follow the tourist signs "Baroque Gardens" or "Castles and Gardens".
For more details, please refer to the map below.

 Note for navigation:
Our address (Großes Schloss 1) is not available in some navigation devices and applications. In this case, it is best to use the navigation for your journey to the address Schieferberg 4. On the opposite side of the street is the entrance to the Friederike-Caroline-Neuber-Straße, which leads to the Great Castle.

by bus  and train 

By rail you can reach Blankenburg with the regional express RE31 (formerly "Harz-Elbe-Express") about every hour from Magdeburg via Halberstadt. Other connection options can be found at the Deutsche Bahn.

Numerous bus lines run via or to Blankenburg. In Blankenburg itself operates the "city line". The closest stop to the castle is "Schnappelberg". The stops "Markt" and "Schleinitzstraße" are only served by the city line. More information can be found at the Harzer Verkehrsbetriebe.
From the train station you walk comfortably about 20 minutes to the castle.

by bike 

The European Cycle Route Euroroute R1 from Boulogne-sur-Mer in France to St. Petersburg in Russia connects the people, nature and culture of nine European countries over more than 3,500 kilometers. The cycle path leads directly over the castle grounds and offers the opportunity for a breather and a magnificent view of the Harz foreland.

on foot 

The Harz Mountains are crisscrossed by a diverse network of hiking trails. Many of them also lead to the castle. If you are a "stamp hunter" and join the Harzer Wandernadel, by the way, you will find two stamp stations in the immediate vicinity of the castle.


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