Verein Rettung Schloss Blankenburg e.V.

The association Rettung Schloss Blankenburg e. V. was founded on 11 February 2005.

The statutory purpose of the association is the protection and preservation of Blankenburg Castle as an individual monument, important cultural asset with supra-regional and national significance and as a landmark of the city of Blankenburg with significant historical importance.
The association exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes.

In December 2016, we already had over 400 members.


A small part of our members, but a large part of the "hard core" of our working groups.

In October 2010, our association was honored by the city of Blankenburg with the Adolf Just Award, which is donated annually by the Luvos Healing Earth Society. The honor was given in recognition of the great commitment of all members of the association, who work tirelessly to save the Blankenburg landmark.

The association Rettung Schloss Blankenburg e.V. was awarded the German Award for Monument Protection. The association received the "Silver Hemisphere" for its many years of voluntary commitment to the continuous preservation, restoration and use of the Great Blankenburg Castle as an outstanding cultural monument of supra-regional importance and landmark of the town of Blankenburg.

In November 2015, our association was awarded a non-endowed special award within the framework of the Federal Award for Craftsmanship in Monument Preservation. The reason given: "Neither the size nor the desolate condition of the Great Blankenburg Castle, which has been empty since 1989, could deter the members of the "Verein Rettung Schloss Blankenburg" in their commitment. By taking over the baroque ensemble high above the town, with all the extreme working conditions that this entails, they have shown courage and civic-mindedness. The association is being honoured for its clever step-by-step restoration, use and opening to the public and visitors. The prize is intended as recognition for the achievements to date and encouragement for further activities in the respectful treatment of this important architectural monument."


Verein Rettung Schloss Blankenburg e.V.

Großes Schloss 1
38889 Blankenburg (Harz)
Phone 03944 3676223

Mobil 0176 55765206
Fax 03944 3676224

Please use our answering machine outside our office hours for telephone enquiries.

Press requests

Spokeswoman Anita Denecke


We will be happy to forward your request to the experts of our wedding working group. For more information about wedding ceremonies and celebrations in the Great Castle, please see here.

Special guided tours

Guided tours for groups are also possible outside our regular hours. We will gladly organize this for you.

Silberne Halbkugel

The Silver Half Globe: German Award for Monument Protection 2014.

Honorary President

Dr. Falk Götzel

Executive Board

  • Prof. Dr. h. c. Gerd Biegel (Präsident)
  • André Gast (stellv. Präsident)
  • Göran Hessler (stellv. Präsident)
  • Birgit Dieterich (Schatzmeisterin)
  • Jens Grezes (Schriftführer)

Advisory Board

  • Heiko Breithaupt (Vorsitzender), Bürgermeister Stadt Blankenburg
  • Otto Ebert (stellv. Vorsitzender)
  • Bernhard Daldrup
  • Dr. Ronald Brachmann
  • Thomas Balcerowski, Landrat Landkreis Harz
  • Prof. Dr. Armin Willingmann, Minister für Wissenschaft, Energie, Klimaschutz und Umwelt des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt

Become a member of the association!

If you would like to support us in saving Blankenburg Castle, we would be pleased about your membership.
With your annual contribution of currently 45,- Euro you support the preservation of the landmark of the city of Blankenburg. We would also be very pleased if you also decide to actively participate in one of our working groups. This is of course not mandatory.
Members can be anyone from 7 years (voting rights are available to members from 18 years) as well as companies, institutions or other legal entities.

To join the association Rettung Schloss Blankenburg, please fill out the membership application completely and send it to the address above.

Spouses or registered partners of association members pay only half the annual membership fee. Memberships for persons under 18 years of age are free of charge.

In addition, association members can rent our premises at discounted rates and you will receive a 50% discount on our self-produced castle items and on the admission of our own and selected events.

Application for admission