Parallel to safeguarding work, it is intended to refurbish Blankenburg Castle in several sections, step by step and in relation to the space. At the moment, however, the planned refurbishments are not aimed at a specific use, but are defined by the structure and peculiarity of the individual parts of the building. In the first phases of work, only individual small units will be able to be used as "warm rooms"; the majority will have to remain as "secured cold rooms". Thus, a renovation in line with the requirements of a listed building is possible, which at the same time leaves room for all appropriate later variants of use.

Blankenburg Castle above the baroque garden.

Next steps

At present, the planning and funding applications for the further partial renovation are underway. One focus is on the further repair of the roofs and fungus control in the individual parts of the building. An uninterrupted continuation and expansion of this work is absolutely necessary in order to prevent further dramatic deterioration of the building monument and not to endanger its profitable use.


The question of future use is of central importance for the monument. For this reason, a feasibility study and the development of a utilization concept were commissioned. In cooperation with the Bauhaus University Weimar and the Harz University of Applied Sciences, a sustainable utilization perspective was developed that can be built up from various building blocks. The feasibility study was based on the following objectives:

  • preservation and development of the historic substance,
  • safeguarding the urban structure,
  • securing an economically viable concept,
  • creation of favorable conditions for future investors,
  • creating public awareness.
Examples from the feasibility study