Virtual castle tour

With our virtual castle tour, you have the opportunity to explore Blankenburg Castle independently. Whenever you want, wherever you want - simply in your browser.

You can walk along the paths as if you were on a real castle tour and receive explanations of historical and architectural details at numerous locations. At some points you will even get first-hand information in short videos from our association members.

After purchasing a ticket, you have 24 hours for your individual explorations within the castle.

By the way, in contrast to a real tour, there is much more to see because many otherwise closed doors are open and you can take a look behind the scenes. Moreover, no one has to climb stairs and can explore the castle completely barrier-free.

At the moment, the virtual tour is only available in German. An English version is available on request.

The virtual castle tour is offered by Museum Virtuell GmbH. The group tours take place with a castle guide from our association.

to the virtual castle tour

On the pages of Museum Virtuell GmbH you will also find instructions on how to purchase tickets and how to move around the virtual castle.


Individual visit

self-guided tour
4,00 Euro


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